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Being Thankful In Spite of

On tomorrow we will hopefully get the opportunity to sit around the dinner table and break bread with those that we consider family. Family does not necessarily mean blood, but a representation of those who have held us down through thick and thin, stuck with us through our worst, and loved us at our best. Family is also represented by those birthed from the same parents, but over the years lost touch with one another and missed out on key and pinnacle moments. I want to kick off my blog by simply saying Thanks in spite of.

Thank you to those that in spite of our circumstances , time and distance we can pick up the phone to say hi and it's like no time has passed.

Thank you to those that in spite of our differences we can agree to disagree and although we may never speak again we have no ill will toward one another.

Thank you to those that in spite of miscommunication, harsh exchanges, or silence you are out there living your best life, know that our season may have passed but you are missed.

In spite of whatever brings you together or separates you give thanks!

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