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Time is Not Promised

A recent trip with my mom and oldest brother inspired this post. I’m a sucker for good memories. It feels good to reminisce on a part of your growing up when you recall the fun you had as a family. Or, even a great trip or experience you had as a child.

Fast forward to you as an adult. You soon begin to realize that if you are fortunate enough to have one or both of your parents, they are getting older. The hard reality begins to sink in that he/she or they may not be around too much longer. You watch them from a distance and notice their stride just isn’t the same. Your mom, in my case, can no longer walk the same.

No matter the bad patches you may have had with your parents, there’s just something about this stage in their life when you begin to put things into perspective. Enjoy them while you still can. Make new memories if the old ones aren’t rosy. Slow down enough to listen to their stories no matter how many times they tell it. Because time is not promised.

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