Releasing April 2022

The Breaking Point...The moment life demands a new direction.

The Breaking Point is 22 stories by men and women on how they came to that turning point and were able to overcome adversity and reach their own personal breakthrough in life. 

Each story will encompass the co-author's unique struggle and how they overcame the challenges to find that they had the courage, the power, and the resolve to build their lives again.

This book will serve as a potent reminder that everyone has the power to choose which direction they want for their own lives.


Here's a sneak peak at Sonja's chapter in the book:

Cutting Loose: I Choose Me

"But what do you do when the man you love doesn’t love you back? This was the question I had to ask myself repeatedly. Before I walked to the front room to inform him of my intentions, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, dried my eyes, and said “Today, I choose me.”"