• sonjababino

Never Stop Growing

When I purchased this plant it literally served as a reminder to me. No matter where you place this plant even with a little watering it will grow. Much like our lives, we receive sustenance, sometimes a little and other times more than we need yet we grow. However, there are times in our lives where we become stagnant. Life throws us an obstacle or two and we can’t see past our situation which leaves us thinking this is it, it doesn’t get better. No matter where you are in the grand scheme of life, don’t take your eyes off the horizon because growth can still take place. The plant doesn’t look at its situation and say “I’m not good enough, or complain about being moved from pot to pot, it continues to grow in spite of its circumstances so why don’t we? No matter where you are in life you should never stop growing. Maintaining the status quo and refusing to grow is not natural. The sun will shine, rain will come and life’s storms may temporarily halt us, but keep going and keep growing. You will make mistakes, but you will also learn from them. If you’re wanting to change your career, start searching and learning a new skill set. If you’ve been thinking about a new relationship, throw yourself out there and start dating. My point is this, where you are now doesn’t have to be the final destination. Much like the plant, even when placed in a new pot it grows new roots but never does it stop growing

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