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Why Does Death Inspire Reconciliation?

Updated: May 12, 2020

When death looms our doorstep it causes a bunch of emotions to stir. This usually means family coming together to celebrate the home going of a loved one lost, and the infamous repass where dead relationships come to reconcile.

It begins with the reconnection conversation, the exchange of phone numbers and nonstop picture taking. But, how long does this rekindled love last? For example, the conversation begins with "I haven't seen you since.. When was the last time we....or my favorite, How long has it been? Don't get me wrong, it feels good and the promises made to keep in touch are wonderful sentiments in theory, but before long, we go back to our respective lives only to do this again at the next home going.

Why are families so broken today? Why is it that we only consider throwing away childish disagreements that, lets' face it, we simply can't remember why or how they even started? If forgiveness, love and compassion can bring even the most evil of family together, to let down their guard for but a few hours, why can't we seem to muster up enough strength to keep the renewed love flowing? This baffles me.

I get it! Once the eulogy is completed, we feel the spirit of unity and really want to finish out what remains of our lives in peace. Sometimes, that means reconciling with those we've lost touch with over the years. Other times, while short lived, it means forgetting, even if only temporarily, the ill feelings towards cousin so-and-so and simply chatting it up about the good ole' times we use to have. But what has happened to the foundation of family that keeps sentiments like this from continuing beyond the repass?

These and many more questions I always have after death of a loved one. But since these are just my opinions and observations, I say this to you the reader. While you yet have time here on earth, love on those you still have the opportunity to see. Remember and reminisce while they are still here about the good times you once had, because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. As the song goes, "Give me my roses while I live."

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