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The Cost of Ignoring Relationship Red Flags

Updated: May 12, 2020

Red flags are those little warnings our brains and heart give us to say “Hey girl, or hey guy, somethings not right here.” Why oh why do we ignore them until it’s too late? I'm sure we’ve all experienced a slight tug from our inner self telling us “That’s a lie”, “Hmm suspicious behavior“, or how about “That didn’t make me feel good”. But rather than take timeout to pause and evaluate the message, we told ourselves “This can’t apply to him/her, they’re a really good person.” Well... sometimes it is them and they aren’t good people. That is the hard truth I’ve come to realize.

As I navigate through my divorce, I’m taking some time to self reflect. In this time, I’ve looked back on those things that simply didn’t sit quite right early in my relationship, but I chose to ignore them.

I saw a post today that put this very thing in perspective. It said “Ignoring the red flags because you want to see the good in people will cost you later!” Immediately I thought this post was speaking directly to me.

Do you know how great the cost is? It’s not simply a monetary cost, but it could very well be your life, your health, or your sanity. How valuable are you to be taken out by what you perceived to be a someone’s potential “good”?

So if this topic touched you in any way, please take the time to evaluate whatever red flags you encounter and ask yourself what is the cost of Ignoring it.

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