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Where has the Family Gone?

Updated: May 12, 2020

I remember the days when holiday time meant taking a cooked side dish to your aunt’s house where everyone had gathered for the day. Cousins outside playing football with the neighborhood kids. Music blaring from the den where all the adults gathered to two step and sip on libations. In one room you have the kids doing the latest dance, in another a group commune together for a game of dominoes. Whatever gossip traveled through the family about so and so’s child was placed to the side on this day. There was nothing but smiles. Let’s not forget that one relative always willing to share their thoughts on how “big” you’ve gotten, or that you look like you’ve missed one too many meals, at the same time reminding you of that odd nickname you’ve been so affectionately given as a child.

Today, family gatherings are sparse. Now that most of the family matriarchs have passed on, the family couldn’t be more distant from one another. Yes, we see each other at funerals and share sentiments of “We’ve got to get together soon”, “This shouldn’t be the only time we see one another”, yet these are empty words that often lead to nothing. Now our so-called plans to reunite are replaced by social media post and random Facebook messages pledging our never-ending love and to pass it along to ten others.

Is it that we no longer value family time? Are we really that busy with our day to day lives that we don’t have time to celebrate together? Or is it that family friction has set us so far apart that nothing could bring us back together? Let’s be honest, we miss talking about our relative’s potato salad no matter how bad it is. And we’ve forgotten about the moments when our families would bust into laughter reminiscing on past events.

Where has our sense of family gone? Our days are not promised to us. So, will you make it to the next family function?

A call to Family's

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