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Clouds of Blessings

If while standing outside you get knocked on your ass what’s left in sight..... the clouds.

When we get caught up in the minutiae of things God sometimes knocks us down. Cruel it seems but he’s really changing our perspective. Think of your most recent negative thought. What did you question about the situation? It’s often times never how we perceive it. We need His redirection because on our own we are incapable of seeing clearly without bias or self sabotaging thoughts.

Being sequestered has given me opportunity to change the way I’ve been thinking about several personal issues. I’d often go for short walks to think things out, but I’d do so while looking down. Why am I expecting an answer to jump up from below? God’s never sent a blessing to me from the ground. It’s at that moment I remember when I begin to look up and see this beautiful sky. All of His blessings have fallen down from above.

Personally, having to remain indoors allows me time to rest, reflect and recharge. The things I deem as stressors really aren’t and I’m reminded of this all when I look at the beauty sky. May your time indoors allow you a similar time to reflect and the same God given beauty of the sky remind you that all is not lost and that your blessings are on the way!

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