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From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Updated: May 12, 2020

I believe my spirit animal is a butterfly as it symbolizes a powerful transformation or metamorphosis in ones life.

I'm recalling a recent conversation with a fellow co-worker about a particular outfit I was wearing. It was a lavender colored romper covered with different butterflies. It also had grasshoppers, lady bugs etc., The person I was speaking to went on and on about how she loved butterflies, much like myself, but despised the other "bugs". I then told her that butterfly's had a special meaning to me during this point of transition in my life. It was during this conversation that I began to share with her how the butterfly symbolized transformation and was a direct reflection on my life. To make it plain to her I compared how similar the transitioning a butterfly goes through is to the various stages in our lives.

In order to become the beautiful butterfly we see flying above our heads this time of year, it had to endure a process. I related this process to transitioning. In our lives, we go through some pretty trying times. For some, these dark periods when as a caterpillar, we must look one way on the outside but endure so much internally. To others, we look like things are going fine, but they can't see the inner workings of our heart and mind. We work as though all is well but in our secret places, at home, we are secluded from others while we deal with our dark place.

Here in our dark place is where we transform. We fall on our knees and talk to God the Father asking Him to work a new thing in and around us. It is there, where the magic begins. God starts to work in us, meanwhile healing us in that dark place. So that when we see the light of day again, we appear different to those around us. Our appearance is different, therefore enabling us to deal with the next stage of life given to us. To some, they don't see the difference because it's not in their nature to accept that we could change. So regardless of our transformation they still see us in our low place.

During this time, just like the others who don't notice the change, we too may not notice it. We're thinking that the world around us is changing but we're stuck in a place on non movement. It is there that the butterfly is growing wings to soar, new legs to walk differently than their former caterpillar self. It's our time of developing. In it, we are growing and learning about ourselves and the world around us.

The butterfly while in this stage, can't come out into the world until fully transformed or it's reached its full potential. We however, transition out in the open, essentially testing our wings and legs yet while transitioning. It's tough at times because your footing isn't always correct. But oh when those wings fully develop, how you'll be able to soar into your life's next stage.

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