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2018 Lessons

Updated: May 12, 2020

Typically, we end the year compiling a list of upcoming promises to ourselves on how we are going to be better people, the things we will change or set out to accomplish. I want to switch it up a bit by reflecting on the things I learned this year. As the last hours of 2018 tick away, I reflect on what it is that this year has taught me. 2018 as with many other years, has taught me an abundance of life lessons as a mother, wife, woman, and friend.

As a mother, it validated for me that the lessons I imparted in my sons’, both spiritual and physical actually stuck. I watched them all go into their own unique directions, setting out to become the men God called them to be. As a wife, I learned that happiness doesn’t just happen, but that it takes consistent effort. However, effort must be made on both parts and without equal participation failure is imminent. So instead of seeking to change the other person, I realized the only person I could change is myself. If I want things to be different, the only person I can focus on is me. As a woman, I learned the importance of forgiveness and that it is okay to put yourself first. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Lastly, as a friend, I re-learned the subtle art of letting go. Letting go of those who pretended to support you when in fact they resented you. Letting go of friendships that suddenly seemed to not work for me anymore. People and circumstances change, and we often grow apart, however mutual respect and understanding should be standards in a friendship. When they cease to exist, the friendship should end.

All of these have been valuable lessons but more importantly, these lessons combined have taught me to love and appreciate myself and to celebrate the growth gained throughout this year. So as I go into 2019, I wish you all peace, love, joy and a blessed New Year!

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